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Recent Home Recording YouTube Videos

The Manitou - Radium Smile - Promo Video

Category: Music  Duration: 00:04:49

The Manitou - Atomic City [electro mix] - Promo Video

Category: Music  Duration: 00:05:02

The Manitou - Atomic City - Promo Video

Category: Music  Duration: 00:04:29

Psychedelic Trainwreck-Journey Through Sludge

Category: Music  Duration: 00:05:09

Psychedelic Trainwreck-Lobotomy Etiquette

Category: Music  Duration: 00:03:46

Psychedelic Trainwreck-Signs of Trauma

Category: Music  Duration: 00:04:29

Psychedelic Trainwreck-Mysterious Liquids

Category: Music  Duration: 00:04:31

Psychedelic Trainwreck-The Chickens Ate Me

Category: Music  Duration: 00:02:40

Psychedelic Trainwreck-Paranormal Ectoplasm

Category: Music  Duration: 00:05:05


Home Recording Stars Podcast

GAJOOB's Bryan Baker talks with home recording artists -- they talk both art and craft. Also Tapegerm experiments are pursued and Bryan digs up cassette albums going back 30+ years. Artists just get a free homemademusic.coma account and start sharing your music here. Then let's talk about it.

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Artist: Mac Charles  Genre: folkrock

Sleeping With Winter

Artist: Mac Charles  Genre: mac charles

Cant See The Stars Anymore

Artist: Mac Charles  Genre: mac charles

Fly On

Artist: Mac Charles  Genre: mac charles

Diving Bell

Artist: Mac Charles  Genre: mac charles
Project Studio Recording Arts Book

It's Back!!

Bryan is back to work on the Project Studio book, Discussions: The Art & Craft of Project Studio Recording

Tapegerm Experimental Music Collaboration Community

Tapegerm: Experimental Music Projects

#50) 2 New Spoken Word Piece: This Is The Truth and My Song At Dawn curated by Jeremy Gluck

Seeking mixes of both. The natural sound on My Song At Dawn I like a lot but please feel free to alter it. CLICK HERE

#49) Sesame Seeds -- Get Stakerized Guitar #1 curated by BF Baker

Brian Staker is everpresent in the local Salt Lake City, Utah, arts scene. I asked Brian to send me some guitar for Tapegerm and here it is, the raw source in all its glory -- do what you will. CLICK HERE